There could be the following reasons why you can’t participate in the leaderboards: 

1. You aren’t logged into Game Center or Google Play Games Services. 
2. Your internet connection is weak or not stable. 
3. Your device time mode is not automatic. 
4. Our server is being banned by the network you use. 
5. You’ve got an outdated version of Rovercraft. 
6. You’ve got an outdated version of Google Games App (for Android devices). 
7. You’ve got a rooted device. 

What shall I do? 

1. Make sure you’re logged into Game Center (for iOS users) or Google Play Games Services (for Android users). You are logged in if you get a welcoming message every time you open the app. If you are not we definitely recommend you to log in. If you don’t have a needed account we definitely recommend to create it. 

Android users shouldn’t confuse Google Play and Google Play Games Services accounts. You need to have a Google Play Games app account to be able to take part in tournaments. The latest version of it is needed for a proper gaming process as well :) 

2. You ought to use a stable Internet connection. Wi-Fi would be the best option. 

3. Set up an automatic time mode on your device. Go to Settings > General > Date&Time 

4. Our server may be banned by the network you use. It happens sometimes when you try to play the tournaments using public networks (at school, at university, etc.) Try to use some other network to make the tournaments available for you. 

5. Check for the latest Rovercraft updates here: 

Tired of updating RoverCraft manually?  Read "How do I update the game?" in 1. Update and known issues. 

6. Android users must have the latest version of Google Play Games app

7. If you've got a rooted device we can not do a thing. Sorry :( You should have a normal device to experience all game opportunities.